GPEAs 2017

Summer 2017 best bets


  • Oral v Topical Antibiotics for Otitis Externa
  • Olive Oil v Alternative topical treatments for Ear Wax
  • Topical antibiotics+steroid v Topical antibiotics alone for Otitis Externa
  • Chloramphenical v Placebo for Infective Conjunctivitis


  • Safety of triptans in pregnancy
  • Safety of NSAIDs in Chicken pox
  • Oral fluconazole  v Topical clotrimazole for vaginal candidiasis
  • Antibiotics for sore throat

2017 – Oxford

Glucosamine for Knee Osteoarthritis

P: Knee Osteoarthritis
I: Glucosamine
C: Usual care
O:symptom resolution

Bottom Line

Glucosamine sulphate is unlikely to do any harm, main side effects, GI related or joint pain May improve pain and / or function. Rotta preparation seems more likely to give benefit

glucosamine knee arthritis

Cranberry for Recurrent UTI

P: Women with recurrent UTI (3 or more in 12 months or 2 or more in 6 months)
I: Prophylaxis with cranberry products (juice, tablets/capsules, powders)
C: Usual care, including prophylactic antibiotics
O: Reduction in UTIs

Bottom Line:

Recurrent UTIs may be difficult to treat and there is some scientific basis for the effect of cranberries

Alternatives such as antibiotics have risks (adverse effects, drug resistant organisms, etc). Based on the 7 papers we reviewed we could not find convincing evidence that Cranberry products reduce the frequency of UTIs IN OUR POPULATION Can’t recommend based on our review, BUT cranberries are a low cost and (relatively) safe intervention so patients may start it themselves

Topical allyamines versus topical azoles versus placebo for athletes foot

P: Patients presenting to GP with a clinical diagnosis of tinea pedis
I: Topical allylamines (e.g. terbinafine)
C: Topical azoles (e.g. clotrimazole)
O: Symptom resolution

Bottom Line:

Both azoles and allylamines work. Azoles are slightly cheaper than allylamines. But both can be bought OTC and the price difference is small. So we would suggest an allylamine such as terbinafine

  • Golden root v Viagra / placebo for erectile dysfunction
  • Depression and osteoporosis
  • Mindfulness for back pain
  • Arnica for osteoarthritis

2017 – Banbury

  • Alpha blockers for kidney stones
  • Use of topical NSAIDs compared to oral NSAIDs at reducing pain and duration of symptoms in adults with acute back pain.
  • Do topical steroids cause skin atrophy in children with eczema ?
  • Does Prochlorperazine relieve symptoms of vertigo?