About us

About us

Oxford VTS (Vocational Training Scheme) or, more formally, Oxford District GP Training Scheme is a training programme for junior doctors who wish to become GPs. We are based in Oxford and cover the city and more rural areas as far as Wantage to the South, Burford to the West, Thame to the East and Kidlington to the North.

We have approximately 64 trainees at any time, with an intake of 21 each year. Each cohort starts their three year training programme in August.

What do the 3 years look like?

Training is split between 18 months of 3-6 month long hospital-based jobs, with a variety of speciality rotations on offer, and 18 months in general practice (6 months in one practice at some point in the first two years and the final ST3 year in another practice).

Why Oxford?

Oxford is a well established medical centre with highly regarded teaching hospitals and world famous academics. Our GP trainers (experienced GPs who have completed an extensive course in postgraduate education) are a diverse and talented bunch with tremendously varied skills and interests.