Out of Hours (OOH) GP Work

OOH Trainee Handbook

An electronic version is here.

This would have been given to you at induction. It contains a lot of information and the necessary paperwork to record your work.


Out of Hours Sessions

OOH shifts need to be done during each GP placement. The requirement locally is to do 6 hours per month of GP placement. This means 36 hrs during ST1/2 and 72 hrs during ST3 for a non-academic, full-time trainees. Start doing shifts early in the rotation to avoid a rush at the end of your 6 months – some shifts get cancelled at last minute.

Out of Hours sessions are organised by two ST3s. They will send a spreadsheet each month with available shifts in Oxford, Abingdon, Witney, Henley and overnight shifts. You will then need to email them with up to 3 preferences for shifts, which they will allocate on a first come first served basis. They will email you to confirm your shifts, but you can also keep a check on the spreadsheet which they update as trainees are allocated shifts.

For an OOH shift you need to turn up to the OOH site, check in at reception and they will point you in the direction of your supervisor. REMEMBER TO TAKE A LOG FORM WITH YOU – you will need to complete this with your supervisor and get it signed at the end of your shift for your records.

After your OOH shifts you will also need to log them on your e-portfolio. You should put a total of hours done or remaining as the title, so it is clear at ARCP how many hours you have done.

e.g. 108 – 4 = 104 hours remaining

(108 is the total number required over the 3 years – you only need to complete 36 hours in ST1/2.)

Innovative Out of Hours

You can also do ‘Innovative Out of Hours’, which involves gaining experience in other services during the out of hours period (i.e. evenings/nights/weekends). It can account for up to 50% (18 hours) of OOH experience in ST1/2.


  • SCAS Familiarisation Session, which will be offered to all ST1s (4 hrs) – highly recommended
  • Ambulance or Police attachments
  • On-call with duty Psychiatrists, Community Psychiatric Nurses and teams
  • OOH and Terminal Care Nursing services to include Macmillan services
  • Social Workers and Social Care Services
  • Community Midwives
  • Walk in clinics etc.
  • Specific local provision e.g. Community Paediatric Admission Prevention services, etc.