Teaching Timetable

Teaching Timetable

Most of our teaching is held in person on Tuesdays at the George Pickering Education Centre in the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. We are fortunate to have a large number of commited and inspiring speakers who contribute regularly to our programme. Teaching is interactive, and focused on the skills and knowledge you will need to practice as a GP.

During your first 2 years of GP training, you will have protected teaching for two afternoons a month. Usually this consists of peer teaching followed by an external speaker. While you are in a GP placement, you will also have ‘vertical groups’, a monthly protected session to discuss difficult and interesting cases in small groups with a GP TPD facilitator and colleagues from ST1 – ST3.

One you are in your final year of GP training, you will have a whole day a week of protected teaching, including regular GP groups.

GP groups, for me, have been the most useful part of GP training. You learn so much from a range of cases and practices that you would never have got to experience and you gain a new perspective from your colleagues.’ An Oxford NQGP

Here is a sample timetable, from 2022/2023 to give you a flavour of our offering. This does change however, according to the needs and requests of each group. There are a few special sessions which are worth highlighting:

Dutch exchange – each year 4 ST3 trainees and a trainer undertake an exchange with colleagues in Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

Psychology Day – a day spent learning alongside clinical psychology colleagues

Away day – historically we have had an residential in October of ST3 year to focus on learning about partnership and reflect on career options at the Cotswold Golf Hotel and Spa

AUG  ST3 9:30am  ST3 2pm   Lecture Room GPEC ST2 3pm   SR3 GPEC ST1 3pm   SR3 GPEC 
09/08/2022 Welcome session – GE/ST Welcome session – GE/ST Oxford Medical Scavenger Hunt and Quiz – Meet at the King’s Arms 
16/08/2022 ST3 Groups (Sheena and Gareth) Moving medicine: Workshop 1  2pm Dr Richard Silvester – Communication skills in general practice  4pm Dr Alex Bunn and Dr Ellen Brunet – Orientation to OUH/Peer teaching 
23/08/2022 ST3 Groups Supporting breastfeeding  Ilana Levene/ Jayne Joyce Lecture Theatre GPEC 2pm Dr Mustafa Alsahab  Frailty  4pm Stats for the AKT Dr Demelza Vinnicombe  
30/08/2022  5th Tuesday   
06/09/2022    Dr Andrew Papanikitas Clinical Ethics    HEE induction Milton Hill – TPDs welcome pm 
13/09/2022 ST3 Groups   Dr Alistair Hallam Prison Medicine Practice management – Rita Cabrita  
20/09/2022  PD meeting   ST3 Groups Jo Bromley  Community Neurology  2pm Dr Johanna Mack Cancer Diagnosis  4pm Dr Ellen Brunet – Intro to eportfolio 
27/09/2022  HEE faculty day Milton Hill    Community Cardiology Dr Kome Gbinigie and Dr Eoghan De Burca Dr Sabahat Ahmad ENDO emergencies and TD2M drugs  
04/10/2022 Vertical groups (all trainees in GP) Dr Katie Barber Menopause inc Q&A lecture theatre GPEC  HEE training   AM IMG NHS Induction  PM All – Culture 
11/10/2022  Away day  Away day Dr Richard Silvester – Communication Skills  
18/10/2022 ST3 Groups   Moving Medicine: Workshop 2  Dr Shamim Rahman – OOH Induction  
25/10/2022HEE training culture and rituals Dr Mark Russell Gout and Rheumatology on Teams   HEE training   Culture and communication  
01/11/2022  Trainers away day   Dr Anna Magnusson and Dr Tamara Cunningham Heal Thyself Workshop – on Teams  Dr Richard Silvester – Communication skills 
08/11/2022 Vertical groups (all trainees in GP)   Dr Carrie Ladd Perinatal mental health Dr Sara McKelvie Alternatives to admission for the acutely unwell patient    
15/11/2022 ST3 Groups Dr Martin Brunet Two Houses Consultation Model  Dr Johanna Mack    Contraception   
22/11/2022 ST3 Groups   Col Julian Woodhouse – Veteran’s health Jo Riley COPD  
29/11/2022  5th Tuesday BLS training 2-4pm BLS training 2-4pm 
06/12/22022 Vertical groups (all trainees in GP)  Multicultural lunch Genomics  2-2:50pm Gastroenterology Dr Charis Manganis  3pm Peer teaching 
13/12/2022  Extraordinary PD meeting  No groups  Cancelled Jo Riley Asthma  
20/12/2022 ST3 Groups online   3:30pm Teams   Dr Rebecca Fisher Health Inequalities  Dr Richard Silvester – Communication skills 
27/12/2022  Centre Closed   
03/01/2023 No groups Ms Jane Moore Pelvic Pain  Helen Mosby – Reflective writing 
10/01/2023 Vertical groups (all trainees in GP)     Consultation skills for RCA – JM and actors Dr Gemma Ching-A-Sue Ophthalmology  
17/01/2023 ST3 Groups   Consultation skills for RCA – JM and actors  Dr Mark Wallace Men’s Health 
24/01/2023  TPD away day   Giant ST3 group with Sanjay Dr Meriel Raine and Dr Gwyneth Rogers – Local leads for child and adult safeguarding. Please make sure your level 3 for both is up to date before the session and bring cases to discuss. Dr Martin Turner   Neurology  
31/01/2023  5th Tuesday BLS training 2-4pm BLS training 2-4pm 
FEB ST3 9:30am  ST3 2pm   Lecture Room GPEC ST2 3pm   SR3 GPEC ST1 3pm   SR3 GPEC 
07/02/2023 Vertical groups (all trainees in GP) (MD room) Dr Matt Mayer LMC  Dr Heather Leary Haematology 
14/02/2023 ST3 Groups   Dr Janet Craze Paediatrics/ Renal Rachael Rogers CFS/ ME  
21/02/2023  Johanna RCA update am ST3 Groups   Dr Sheena Sharma Medical humanities  Dr Richard Wood Headache 
28/02/2023   Vertical groups (all trainees in GP)     Dr Tess McPherson   Eczema and Psoriasis Dr Sarah Hanrott Palliative Care  
07/03/2023 SDL/ RCA preparation Mr Qureishi Dizziness  Dr Catriona Hilton Endocrinology 
14/03/2023 GP update (need to sign up) GP update (need to sign up) GP update (need to sign up)  
21/03/2023  Faculty day ST3 Groups   Dr Mei Simmons Mental Health of Children and Young People  Dr Emily Lord – GUM – Teams due to covering clinic 
28/03/2023 ST3 Groups  12-2pm BLS/AED training in Margaret Davidson room Dr Catriona Hilton Endocrinology Dr John Reed – Allergy  
04/04/2023 Vertical groups (all trainees in GP) Substance misuse Dr Andy Symons  Constipation in Children Dr Esther Quinn 

ST3 Groups   Alex Mirfin GP finance (Williamson West) What the GP should know about Cardiology: Case-Based Teaching. Rohan Wijesurendra  
18/04/2023  Johanna teaching tutorial skills course ST3 Groups   Dr Penny Moore and Dr Sarah Maidment “The doctor will see you now” – doctors as patients  2-3pm Dr Lorna Monteith – Eating disorders  3-5pm Peer teaching 
25/04/2023  Farewell drinks ST3 Groups   1-2pm Infants with Dr Shona Johnson via Teams Dr Charis Manganis Gastroenterology (2:50 finish) Dr James Kennard EMIS tips and tricks  
02/05/2023 Vertical groups (all trainees in GP) Kate Mullar MDU  Remote consulting and managing risk, conflict and complaints in primary care.  Tom Jacobs: A systematic approach to assessment of MSK conditions in time-limited consultations 
09/05/2023 ST3 Groups   Dr Jessica Gibson, Adult ADHD Dr Lucy MacKillop Maternal Health for GPs  
16/05/2023  Dutch exchange ST3 Groups   1:30pm Dr Richard Fieldhouse, NASGP chair, Life as a locum  Dr Richard Silvester – Communication skills   
23/05/2023  Ash a/l  Anne ARCP course ST3 Groups   BMA: Contracts 2-3pm Unwell child/ cancer diagnosis Dr Shona Johnson via Teams  3-5pm Sustainable Healthcare F2F  
30/05/2023  5th Tuesday   
06/06/2023 Vertical groups (all trainees in GP) Personality disorders workshop   Dr Anne Taylor, Green Impact Toolkit 
13/06/2023  Dutch exchange  Alison ARCP ST3 Groups   1:30pm  Research in General Practice Dr Anna Seeley et al Dr Kezia Lange Psychiatry  
20/06/2023  Anne ARCP ST3 Groups   1:30pm Dr Sh amim Rahman OOH working  (too basic – short pop in only next year)  Mr Rogan Corbridge Neck lumps and sore throats 
27/06/2023  PD Meeting ST3 Groups  Cancelled 1:30pm The wider workforce and additional roles demystified Dr Jenny Hey   Tom Jacobs: A systematic approach to assessment of MSK conditions in time-limited consultations  
04/07/2023 Psychology day GP and Clinical Psychology Teaching Day with Matthew Night  Dr Sarah Ng Renal Medicine
11/07/2023 Vertical groups (all trainees in GP) 1:30pm Dr Kathryn Brown  Lifestyle medicine Reflective hike/ career values  
18/07/2023  Am Strategy Meeting ST3 Groups  cancelled 1:30 Dr Chris Morris Remote consulting in real life    Oxford Medical Treasure Hunt and Quiz 
25/07/2023 ST3 Groups   Pub lunch The wider workforce and additional roles demystified Dr Jenny Hey