ST1 Eportfolio

The trainee e-portfolio Fourteen Fish, is the online tool for recording learning and progression of your training throughout your time as a GPST. All assessments will be recorded onto it and progression through training will be dependent on adequate information being present

MRCGP is a 3 part assesment

AKT – Applied Knowledge Test – Knows/ Know How – Tests knowledge and applied knowledge

SCA – Simulated consultation Assessment – Shows – Demonstrates skills in structured setting

WPBA – Workplace Based Assessment – Does – Performance in practice over multiple settings and scenarios over time

More guidance is available at the RCGP website:

MRCGP and Eportfolio induction slides

Click here to get the Mandatory Evidence sheet for what the evidence requirements are for the end of the training year. The minimum requirement for Less than Full Time trainees is pro-rata to full timers

Please click here for the RCGP website for more information on your eportfolio

More information can also be found on Fourteen Fish

Each six month post will need a Clincial Supervisor Review – CSR and and Educational Supervisor Review – ESR

If you are in an Integrated Training Post (ITP) then you will need 2 CSRs – one from your hospital placement and one from your GP placement

At the end of every year, there will be an ARCP (Annual Review of Competence Progression) in June or July (timings may slightly different for less than full time trainees or those who have had prolonged leave).

Please make sure that your e-portfolio is complete and up to date before this (including all your CSRs for all your ST1 jobs, including your current post). The panel scruitinises your e-portfolio to make sure that trainees are developing the required competencies and skills and that the necessary evidence to support progression is present.

The GP school will email you 6 weeks prior to your ARCP with information about what is required for your ARCP