Out of Hours

Please visit the  East Midlands Local Education and Training Board’s website  for detailed information about Out of Hours (OOH) Training.  During the first year, GP Registrars need to attend theoretical sessions arranged by the GP Training Office.  These sessions are in addition to booking normal OOH sessions with DHU which each year group is required to do based on the GP Trainer’s advice.

The Out of Hours provider for Derbyshire is DHU Health Care, based at Johnson Building Locomotive Way, Derby DE24 8PU 
Telephone: 0300 100 0404 

Useful Documents

Out of Hours Care Pathways – a Patient’s Journey

Out of Hours Competency Form – this form needs to be signed by your Trainer every time you attend an OOH session.

Record of Out of Hours session – this form needs to be completed for each each session attended.

Out of Hours (OOH) changes – Urgent and Unscheduled Care August 2019


Contact for OOH training is Michelle Thompson – Tel. 03001 000 404 Ext.16233


Rota Manager – Derbyshire Health United

Direct Line 0300 1000413

Email: rota.rota@DHUHealthcare.nhs.uk