Leave Entitlements/ Study Leave

Absence Returns are completed to enable sickness/absence and forwarded to the Lead Employer to be monitored whilst the registrar is on the programme

Annual Leave

The annual leave year runs from first Wednesday in August. Your entitlement to annual leave will be:

2002 Contract

Point of salary Scale

Point 00-02

Point 03-09

Annual Leave Entitlement

27 Days

32 Days

2016 Contract

Point of salary Scale

Less than 5 years Service in NHS

5+ years service in the NHS

Annual Leave Entitlement

27 Days

32 Days

All annual leave must be arranged with prior permission and in accordance with the arrangements of your host organisation.

Where annual leave requests overlap a period of rotation between two host organisations, you must ensure prior authorisation is obtained by the appropriate representatives of both host organisations.

You are entitled to 8 days public holidays per year, pro rata for less than full time employees.

No more than two weeks (14 days) per ST year is allowed during the three year programme. If more time is lost due to absence, it must be made up by an extension to training. For more information, please check the East Midlands Local Education and Training Board website.

For the most up to date information about study leave, please check the East Midlands Local Education and Training Board website.

Information about local arrangements for study leave can be found here.


1. Apply for leave in the usual way – Intrepid Leave Manager ensuring you apply for costs with your application

2. When your leave request is approved, attend event

3. After the event, complete the CSL Expenses Reimbursement Form electronically

4. Collate receipts, scan them and save to your computer

5. Email the completed form and attach the receipts and certificate (if applicable) to your Programme Office. Please note that incomplete claims will be returned

6. Include the words ‘Study Leave Claim’ in the subject line of your email

7. Note that forms will be processed as quickly as possible and wherever possible, in time for the next payroll cut-off date

– The trainee will discuss the course with the Educational Supervisor and include details in the PDP.

– The trainee will then request the study leave online.

– The CSL Champion (Programme Manager or Administrator) will acknowledge receipt of the request and check if the trainee has sufficient days and funding.

– If the trainee has sufficient time and monies available the approval chain will link to the Practice Manager (or Rota Co-ordinator if in a hospital post) to request the time out of the practice/post.  This will be an email to your NHS mailbox.  You will only need to tick a box to approve or not approve.

– The request will be reviewed by the Programme Director.

– The request will then link to the trainee’s Educational Supervisor for educational approval.

– The application will then go to the Programme Manager/Administrator for final confirmation.

– An email will be sent to all to confirm the outcome of the application.

– If at any stage in the process the request is not approved the application stops immediately and the trainee is notified that their request has not been successful.

Contact Details

To Val Walton, Senior Administrator
Tel: 01332 85202

If you are pregnant or about to adopt, congratulations!

A few points to note from a practical point of view:

If you are pregnant, please arrange to have a risk assessment carried out with the current Clinical Supervisor/Medical Staffing Administrator/Practice Manager and for any subsequent posts whilst you are pregnant.  Please contact your Clinical Supervisor/Medical Staffing Administrator if you encounter any problems or have any queries with your daily duties or on calls during your pregnancy.

Once you commence your leave, any planned future posts on your rotation will be reallocated to other Trainees, although you will maintain you National Training Number and place on the Training Programme throughout.

Once you have decided when you wish to return from leave (whether this be less than full time – please see here for details) of full time, please let the GP Training Office know of your anticipated plans.  We will then try and match your training requirements with posts which we have available on the Derby GP Training Programme.

There may be circumstances when we do not have the posts you require available at the requested time.  If this should occur, we will endeavour to arrange a suitable available post for you.  It may be necessary for us to contact the other GP Training Programmes within the LETB to identify an alternative suitaable post for you, although we do try to avoid this if necessary.

Other useful information and a Factsheet can be found on the NHS Employers website.

For paternity leave questions, please contact the Team.

Sickness Leave

For the most recent HEEM Sickness policy and guidance, please see here.