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GPC understands there may be some confusion for area teams around payment of maternity leave to GP trainees.

To clarify, each new post on a rotation that a GP Trainee undertakes does not constitute a break in service. It has been confirmed to the GPC that there has been no change in policy from NHS England’s National Support Centre.

Where practices have followed the provisions in the GP trainees framework contract on maternity pay, which are consistent with the Directions to Health Education England (GP Registrars) 2013 and the NHS Litigation Authority (GP Registrars) 2013, the GP Trainee is entitled to receive ordinary maternity pay (OMP) and should be fully reimbursed in accordance with the Directions.

Paragraph 15.3.(b)(iii) of the Statement of Financial Entitlements (SFE) 2013 (page 58) confirms that NHS England should reimburse maternity pay if ‘the performer on leave is entitled to that leave under… a contract of employment’.

Certificate of Sponsorship

Useful information relating to this can be found in the Practice Managers handbook .  Please also see the documents below.
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