E Portfolio

Each trainee will be given access to the 14 Fish e-portfolio after having registered with 14 Fish at the beginning of GP specialty training.  The e-portfolio will need to be accessed and updated online throughout the training programme, in both hospital and primary care posts.  It is used to record details of achievement in the AKT and CSA, document evidence of workplace based assessment (WPBA), and to create a record of learning.

To access the 14 Fish e-portfolio pleaseĀ click here.

A session on how to use the e-portfolio will take place towards the beginning of the ST1 year of the programme.

14 Fish have developed comprehensive guides on how to use the e-portfolio.  Please visit the links below to access them.

Click here to contact the 14 Fish helpdesk.

RCGP e-portfolio guide for trainees


Trainees will automatically be provided with access to the RCGP e-portfolio after registering with the RCGP.  Please use your email address and the password chosen at the point of registering with the RCGP to access the e-portfolio.  To register with the RCGP as an Associate in Training please visit the RCGP website.

Applied Knowledge Test (AKT)

For useful information when preparing for the AKT, please visit the RCGP website or Pearson Vue.

Workplace Based Assessment (WPBA)

Please visit the RCGP website for current information about Workplace Based Assessment.

RCGP e-portfolio guide for supervisors

How to Set a Review Date for all Trainees (including Mat leave, OOP & LTFT)

Please use the steps below to set the 6 monthly review dates for your trainees.  Please do this for all of your trainees irrespective of whether they are Full Time, Part Time or on Maternity Leave.

Please ensure that a date hasn’t already been set before you create any more.

In your Educational Supervisor role:

1. Select your Trainee

2. Click on Reviews – this will show you if any review dates have been set.

3. If no dates set –

     a. Click “Create Review”

     b. Select “End of Review Period” – this will be, for example 05/02/12

     c. Select “Review Type” and select the current ST year

     d. During Post – this should show their current post

     e. Location – can just state that this is in Practice

     f. Click “Save”

If you enter any notes in the Notes section, please be aware that only you as Educational Supervisor can view these.  They are not viewable to the Deanery Admin or Programme Managers.

When you come to complete your ESR select continue/edit review and continue with the ESR.   Please do not create another date as they cannot be deleted.