Non-urgent advice: Some basics

The AKT is a computer based knowledge test that lasts 3 hours and 10 minutes. It is an assessment of clinical knowledge that can only be sat from ST2 onwards. It is recommended that you have done at least 6 months of General Practice before sitting the exam. It is up to you when to sit it, the best time is on a rotation that does not have lots of on calls.

Non-urgent advice: Some top tips

1. Time your exam so you are studying on a rotation that is not heavy on the on calls. It is usually best after you’ve done 6 months of General Practice
2. Start with a curriculum wide learning needs assessment to identify gaps in your knowledge.
3. Make sure you have ample time to prepare
4. Questions, questions, questions – use a questionbank, read around your wrong answers using nice cks.
5. Get a study partner/group – divide and conquer topics like drug side effects and monitoring.

Non-urgent advice: Exam Resources

More information with helpful resources is available here.