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Road to CCT

MRCGP is an assessment system that has three components: Workplace based assessments (WPBAs), the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) and the Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA).* Satisfactory completion of each component is a requirement for trainees to be issued with a certificate of completion of training (CCT) and to gain full membership to the RCGP.

This page contains a variety of useful resources including summaries of hot clinical topics that have come up frequently in past exams. Whilst we cannot promote particular question banks, we have included advice from trainees who have previously sat the exams. 
Have a resource that you found useful that is not on here? Email julie.taylor98@nhs.net ​
*Please note, the Recorded Consultation Assessment (RCA) has been offered in place of the CSA since May 2020 and currently remains in place. 

AKT Resources

What is the AKT?
The AKT is a summative assessment designed to test the application of knowledge and interpretation of information. It is mapped to the latest RCGP Curriculum and each question is intended to explore a topic of which an ordinary GP could be expected to have a working knowledge. It consists of 3 domains – Clinical Knowledge (80%), Evidence-based practice (10%) and Organisation and Management (10%). All questions address important issues relating to UK general practice and will focus mainly on higher order problem solving rather than just the simple recall of basic facts. Put together below is a list of useful resources with information on how to prepare for the exam, useful links and revision aids.

Useful Downloads:

Organisation and Management:

Evidence-based Practice:

Clinical Knowledge:

RCGP Sample Questions:

Useful Links:


Question Banks:

  • GP Selftest – Most similar to the real exam, free for Ait
  • Passmedicine – 4155 questions, £30 for 4 months, £40 for 6
  • Onexamination – Over 2455 questions, the pricest one.  
  • Pastest– Over 3200 questions, £59 


RCGP Severn & Tamar AKT prep course. Particularly good for statistics (the stats section is presented by Prof Harris who wrote Medical Statistics Made Easy. It’s also free

Other courses (don’t feel it is a necessity!):

RCA Resources

What is the RCA?
The RCA is a summative assessment of a doctor’s ability to integrate and apply clinical, professional, communication and practical skills appropriate for general practice. It uses pre-recorded video or audio consultations to provides evidence from a range of encounters in general practice relevant to most parts of the curriculum and also provides an opportunity to target particular aspects of clinical care and expertise. You have to submit 13 consultations of various domains for assessment. There are 8 mandatory criteria

Useful Links:

Courses (optional!):