Non-urgent advice: An intro to Work-Place Based Assessment (WPBA)

This stands for workplace based assessments. They are a form of continual assessment throughout training and make up 1/3rd of the MRCGP requirements; the other 2/3rds being the two exams Applied Knowledge Test and Recorded Consultation Assessment taken later on in training.

Non-urgent advice: A list of WPBA

Confused about what WPBA’s are needed for each year? This table summarises it for you.

Non-urgent advice: A breakdown of each WPBA

Don’t know your COTs from your PSQ’s? The RCGP website explains what each assessment is and how to complete them.

Non-urgent advice: How does it all work together?

WPBA evaluates the trainee’s progress in areas of professional practice best tested in the workplace and: 
– looks at the trainee’s performance in their day to day practice to provide evidence for learning and reflection based on real experiences
– supports and drives learning in important areas of capability with an underlying theme of patient safety
– provides constructive feedback on areas of strength and developmental needs, identifying trainees who may be in difficulty and need more help
– evaluates aspects of professional behaviour that are difficult to assess in the Applied Knowledge Test and Clinical Skills Assessment
– determines fitness to progress towards completion of training.

Evidence of WPBA, as approved by the GMC, includes the completion of specific assessments and reports, the documentation of naturally occurring evidence as well as certain mandatory requirements such as Child safeguarding and Basic Life Support. More information on the requirements for WPBA can be found here.

Non-urgent advice: What if I am LTFT?

For trainees who are less than full time the same number of assessments need to be completed per ‘training year’ (this will be longer than a calendar year). For example a trainee on a 50% less than full time rotation will take 2 years to complete a ‘training year’

Non-urgent advice: I have completed my MSF and PSQ but I cannot see the results!

You will be emailed once you have the minimum numbers needed to close the survey. Your Educational Supervisor will have to release the results to you before it can become available for you to view.