Educational supervision

What is Educational Supervision (ES)?

The process in which a senior GP overseas a trainee to ensure they are making educational progress. They help the trainee navigate their way through the programme and get the best out of it.

What types of things will be reviewed in ES?

Your ES reads and comments on your case reviews throughout each placement. At the end of each 6 months, you have an ESR where they read your self assessment and do a parallel assessment of how you have evidenced each competency in case reviews and WPBAs. They also review your action plan and PDP and might set additional action plans for the next 6 months.

How is this different to Clinical Supervision?

Clinical supervision describes the framework for regular, structured encounters reflecting on casework in the context of the post or specialty the health professionals are working in and aims to identify areas of best practice and developmental needs. Each trainee should have a named clinical supervisor for each placement, usually a senior doctor, who is responsible for ensuring that appropriate clinical supervision of the trainee’s day-to-day clinical performance occurs at all times, with regular feedback.

Educational supervision is organised supervision taking place in the context of a training programme, it is aimed more to act as an umbrella to guide the trainee through the training programme to ensure that trainees are making the necessary clinical and educational progress.

How many meetings and are these important?

At least one at the start of ST1 and every 6 months thereafter. You may choose to do interim ESRs or meet more frequently – this should be discussed and agreed with your supervisor at your initial Placement Planning meeting.

Who is my Educational Supervisor?

Your Educational Supervisor’s details are listed under the portfolio tab on FourteenFish, to the top right of that page. If they are not listed, please contact Trudy Eddy.

Your Clinical Supervisor should also be listed in this section. If not listed, please contact the rota co-ordinator of the hospital placement you are on.