Our Hospital Jobs and Rotations

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NumberAug 2021 – Aug 2022 (ST1)Aug 2022 – Aug 2023 (ST2)Aug 2023 – Aug 2024
R1 TERSMedicine (Weston)Integrated GP/Frailty 
 Psych OA (LFU Weston)WestonGP (Weston)
 A & E (Weston)  
R2 TERSA & E (Weston)Integrated GP/Frailty 
 Medicine (Weston)WestonGP (Weston)
 Psych OA (LFU Weston)  
R3 TERSPsych OA (LFU Weston)Weston Community TBC 
 A & E (Weston)(sexual health or health inequality)GP (Weston)
 Medicine (Weston)GP 
R4Medicine (NBT)Integrated GP with UUSC 
 ENT (UHB)BrisdocGP
 Paeds (UHB)  
R5A & E (UHB)Community Psych (Clevedon) 
 Medicine (NBT)GPGP
 ENT (UHB)  
R6ENT (UHB)Community sexual health 
 Psych (LFU -Weston)GPGP
 Medicine (NBT)  
R7ENT (UHB)Thornbury Community Psych  
 Medicine (UHB)GPGP
 A & E (Weston)  
R8Paeds (UHB)Kingswood community Psych 
 Medicine (NBT)GPGP
 ENT (UHB)  
R9Urology (NBT)GP 
 Medicine (NBT)Community sexual healthGP
 Psych GAP (LFU – Weston)  
R10A & E (Weston)Clevedon Community Psych  
 Urology (NBT)GPGP
 Medicine (NBT)  
R11Psych GAP (LFU – Weston)Integrated GP with UUSC 
 O & G (NBT)BrisdocGP
 Medicine (NBT)  
R12Medicine (Weston)Greenway Community PsychGP
 ENT (UHB)  
R13Medicine (UHB)GPGP
 A & E (Weston)Greenway Community Psych 
 Urology (NBT)  
R14Paeds (UHB)GP 
 ENT (UHB)Weston CommunityGP
 Medicine (Weston)(health inequality or sexual health) 
R15Medicine (NBT)GP 
 ENT (UHB)Clevedon Community PsychGP
 O & G (NBT)  
 Medicine (NBT)Community PaediatricsGP
 A & E (UHB)  
R17Urology (NBT)Petherton Community PsychGP
 Medicine (Weston)GP 
 Paeds (UHB)  
R18O & G (NBT)GP 
 Urology (NBT)Petherton Community PsychGP
 Medicine (UHB)  
R19A & E (Weston)Integrated GP with frailty  
R20O & G (NBT)Community medicine 
 Paeds (Weston)GPGP
R21Paeds ED (BCH)Integrated GP with CALS/Geriatric Trauma 
R22O & G (NBT)Integrated GP with ENT/Ophth 
 A & E (Weston)UHBGP  
R23A & E (UHB)GP 
 Gynae (Weston)Community medicineGP
R24Integrated GP with population healthMedicine (UHB) 
 Dermatology (UHB)GP
  Paeds ED (UHB) 
R25Integrated GP with population healthPaeds ED  (UHB) 
 Medicine (UHB)GP
  A & E (NBT) 
R26Community Hospice (Weston)Paeds ED (UHB)GP
 GPA & E (NBT) 
  Medicine (UHB) 
R27Integrated GP with UHB FrailtyA & E (UHB)GP
 Paeds ED (UHB) 
  Medicine (UHB) 
R28Integrated GP with UHB FrailtyDermatology (UHB)GP
 Medicine (UHB) 
  Paeds ED (UHB) 
R29GPMedicine (UHB)GP
 Community Sexual HealthDermatology (NBT) 
  Paeds ED (UHB) 
R30Community Sexual HealthPaeds ED (UHB)GP
 GPA & E (UHB) 
  Dermatology (NBT) 
 Community frailty (Sirona)Paeds ED (UHB) 
  Dermatology (UHB) 
R32Community frailty (Sirona)Dermatology (NBT)GP
 GPPaeds ED (UHB) 
  A & E (UHB) 
R33Community Psych GreenwayA & E (NBT)GP
 Community Psych GreenwayA & E (NBT) 
R35Community PaediatricsGynae (Weston)GP
 GPA & E (NBT) 
 Community PaediatricsGynae (Weston) 
R37GPMedicine (UHB)GP
 Community Hospice (Weston)Obs and Gynae (UHB) 
SEVERN R38A & E (UHB)Integrated GP with frailty  
 Rheumatology (UHB)NBTGP
SEVERN R39Palliative Care (St Peters)Integrated GP with ENT/OphthGP
 Respiratory (NBT)UHB 
SEVERN R40Rheumatology (UHB)Community Sexual HealthGP
 Paeds ED (UHB)GP 
SEVERN R41Paeds (Weston)Integrated GP with ophth/ENT 
 Palliative Care (St Peters)UHBGP
SEVERN R42Palliative Care (St Peters)Integrated GP with ophth/ENTGP
 Paeds (UHB)UHB 
SEVERN R43Paeds (UHB)Integrated GP with CALS/Geriatric Trauma 
 Palliative Care (St Peters)NBTGP
SEVERN 44Gynae (Weston)Community paediatrics 
SEVERN 45Respiratory (NBT)GP 
 A & E (UHB)Clevedon Community PsychGP
SEVERN 46Medicine (NBT)GP 
 A & E (UHB)Kingswood Community PsychGP
 Ophthalmology (UHB)  
SEVERN 47OphthalmologyGP 
 Paeds (UHB)Thornbury Community PsychGP
 Medicine (NBT)  
SEVERN 48Medicine (NBT)GP 
 Paeds (UHB)Community Sexual HealthGP
 Urology (NBT)