New to Bolton ST3 Induction 15/02/2023 0930-1230

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Hi all,

Welcome to your ST3 training in Bolton. 😀

Some of you are full time trainees rotating into ST3, some of you are doing extension ST3 training in Bolton and some of you are ST2s that become ST3s in the next month or so.

If you haven’t already found it, the Wednesday Teaching schedule is maintained online at:

As you join a cohort of ST3s who began in August 2022 we want to make sure you get some quality time with each other and us before we merge you. In February and August each year we run two simultaneous programmes – one for existing (to Bolton) ST3 and one for new (to Bolton) ST3s. Over the course of 12 months, everyone gets the same sessions, just sometimes in a different order.

We invite you to your first ST3 session this Wednesday in the Education Centre at Royal Bolton Hospital, starting at 0930 until lunchtime. Our TPD, Reuban will lead the session and our area Associate Dean will also be there for a session later in the morning. We provide tea and coffee and encourage you to bring biscuits/cakes to share.

Future sessions will start at 0900 where we encourage trainees to catch up on their week over a hot drink before the formal sessions begin at 0930 – our current trainees really rate this time highly.

Please be aware that there is no sophisticated process for identifying your training (we have to manually go through everyone’s individual FourteenFish!) – so if you think this email is in error… you are probably right! Equally, please share with anyone who thinks they have been missed.

If you think you should be attending ST2 or other teaching still, you’re probably right, so carry on! Generally speaking we’d advise moving into ST3 sessions if you are due to be an ST3 before the start of May this year, but feel free to get in touch if you aren’t sure.

If you’re an existing ST3, then Kat will be hosting the session for trainees on Zoom this week so look out for a link coming shortly.

The schedule for the sesmester’s teaching is online here (and updated if things change)

ST3-B schedule: