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ST1 Allocations Process 2023

August 2023 Bolton ST1 Allocations

Dear Mohammed, Mazen, Hussain, Yuwani, Syeda, Ahsan, Ahmed, Ibrahim, Mohammed, Hesham, Hassan, Emma, Rizwaan, Kirsten, Zeyed, Shaza, Onyeka, Abeer, Muhammad, Mohammad, Adam, Nyeem, Safwan, Michael.

We look forward to your arrival in Bolton to join the GP Training Programme in February 2023. Please take a look at the information below and reply to Carole & Nicola as soon as you can! We have a short deadline.

Best wishes 


Bolton ST1 Trainee Placements.

Your Programme Director is Dr Reuban Pratheepan. 

Your Programme Administrator at Bolton Hospital Education Centre is Carole Kennedy. 

Standard GP Training is 3 years in length. We will be running the tracks with 2 x 6 month Hospital specialty posts and 2 years of GP likely to be based in 2 different GP Practices.  

We need to know ASAP what posts you want to do in February. The options are Medicine, A&E, Psychiatry and Orthogeriatrics (Medical management of older people with Orthopaedic problems) and Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Please read and complete 1, 2 & 3, and reply to carole.kennedy@boltonft.nhs.uk 

      1. Please put list your hospital specialty preferences in order here (most preferred to least): 

      2. If you have applied for shortened training (ATCF), Less Than Full Time Training (LTFT) or a deferral to the start of training please state this here: 

      3. Please also have a look at the Bolton GP Training Website and state your top 4 preferred GP Practices where you would want to be placed for the majority of the GP component here: Link to Bolton GP Training Practices https://gp-training.hee.nhs.uk/bolton/about-us/general-practices-accredited-for-gp-training-placements/

General Practices Accredited for GP Training Placements – Bolton GP Training HubGP Trainers: Kamran Khan and Andy Lloyd, Beverley Matta and Sadiyah Kauser. Website: http://www.ehealthservice.co.uk/bolton/unsworth/gp-training.hee.nhs.uk

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