Travel Expenses

When you are in a General Practice placement, you can claim some of your travel expenses. People always worry about what they can claim, so here is a few notes on when to claim.

  • You can only claim travel costs on a day that you have completed a home visit during your working day
  • You can claim a maximum of 10 miles each way of your journey from home to your “base” (your surgery)
  • You need to make a note of all journeys on the reverse of the form. Use one line for one day’s worth of journeys
    • e.g. Home to base. 2 visits. Base to home
  • You can make historic claims, but only up to 3 months previous.
  • Claim forms can be found on the link below under Gloucestershire Hospitals, please email it to the HR Team.

Relocation and Travel Expense Forms – Severn PGME ( for more guidance