Unusual Trainees – LTFT, sick leave, Academic Fellowship, etc.

Additional Training/unusual absences

Any time out of programme other than annual leave and study leave over 14 days in a full ST year will automatically result in an extension to make up the missed time. Please refer any trainees in this position to panel.  It is the responsibility of the trainee to record absences and inform the deanery using this Copy of Absence-Form.  It is, however, good practice to document absences over-and-above study or annual leave in an educators’ note within the e-portfolio.

Less than full time Training

Please see the deanery website for information on eligeability.  Part-time trainees will need to do the whole time equivalent of a full training programme.  Their ESRs will occur at different times to those of their peers and their CCT date will be ammended.  They need to have the same ratio of clinical to educational sessions on average over their placements but tutorials are pro-rata rather than weekly.

Useful resources on how to plan for and accommodate LTFT trainees can be found on the KSS website

Extensions to Training:

Some trainees do fail their exams or run into personal difficulties (see trainees in difficulty).  Surprise panel failures are very unusual, trainees have usually experienced problems with their WPBA or in aspects of attendance or professionalism.  As a trainer you need to be careful to keep full records if you have any concerns (you may have to justify your comments at an appeal).  You should also inform the Programme Directors of any concerns you have as early as possible.  Extended training is not a given, but is at the discretion of the panel.  It is very unlikely to be given if the trainee has not put themselves in a position to pass, for example, has not taken their CSA.  Most trainees are moved to another practice for  their extension by the deanery.