Final 3 months in ST3

Naturally, every trainee’s learning needs will be different and therefore their final 3 months will be different. The following is a model for an “average” trainee who has competed or is on track to complete all their assesments.

The Last 3 months

During this time the registrar must gain experience working as a fully independent practitioner doing full workload of a salaried doctor/partner in the practice and to fully involve team in all business aspects of the practice as appropriate.

By the end of May they MUST have finished (for deanery panel and therefore cerification):

  • WPBA – DOP’s, COT’s, CBD’s, PSQ, MSF
  • AKT
  • CSA
  • Final Educational supervisors report
  • OOH sessions (if completely impossible, 2 sessions booked by not physically done are acceptable- add an educators note with the dates of booked sessions in this instance)

The following are topics which it is typically helpful to discus during this period:

  • Work/life balance
  • Finances
  • Medical Politics/ Commissioning etc
  • Career Guidance

It may also be useful to consider a visit to another practice/practice swap with another trainee, preferably to a very different type of practice during this time.  A list suggested activities for ST3s in the final months of training has been created by trainers on teh Reading and Newbury scheme…

Ideas for ST3 post AKT and CSA

Last month

  • Once the final panel review has been done the trainee needs to apply for CCT- see trainee page Applying for CCT. The timing of this is particularly crucial for trainees finishing at non standard times. Ensure they understand they cannot work in any capacity including as a locum until they have their CCT certificate
  • Discus and write reference

Last week

  • Return any surgery books / CDRoms to library
  • Hand over patients
  • Delete old emails – auto reply to forward any new emails
  • Delete any old personal files from computer but leave training files!
  • Delete old recorded consultations
  • Shred any information identifying patients
  • Inform medical defence provider of intention when finished as GP registrar
  • “Exit interview” and written feedback for the practice
  • Say goodbyes- many practices will have a goodbye meal and/or give the trainee a leaving gift

Last day

  • Hand in surgery keys
  • Hand in Doctors bag
  • Clear room of personal belongings and tidy up!
  • Have a relaxed wind down meeting – afternoon – lunch