The training allowance is paid to the training practice and includes:

  • £7500 per annum per learner
  • £500 per annum per learner for educational supervision
  • £750 per year per trainer study allowance.   This can be claimed from your second year of training onwards (the trainer’s CPD grant for your first year goes towards the new trainers’ course).  It is to be used to pay for courses which are completed in study time additional to that discussed on the page Trainer’s Commitments.

In addition, your learners contribute to the practice, however their salaries are paid, not by the practice,but by the deanery.  In the beginning they require a lot of supervision and see few patients, but over the course of the year this balance starts to change.  The work provided by an ST3 GP registrar over the course of a year is thought to be of approximate value £35,000.

Training Practice Cost Benefit Analysis

Educational Supervision 2015

CPD grant 2016 2017