Before the Trainee arrives

Three Months before the trainee joins the practice:

The PDs regularly circulate spreadsheets showing trainee allocations to practices across ST1, 2 and 3 – so often you will know who is coming to you years in advance-and in the case of ST3s formed a relationship with them through acting as their ES through their ST1 and 2 training.  However, due to maternities, sickness, exam failure and intra and inter-deanery transfers some changes are sometimes necessary.  Except in exceptional circumstances, you should receive the name and contact details of your new trainee at least 3 months before they start with you.

You or your practice manager should contact your new trainee and, ideally, arrange to meet them.  You should advise them to bring with them the following information, as their employer the checking of these documents is your responsibility.

  • GMC – licensure. Check certificate, check online
  • Medical defence – check membership is up-to-date and upgraded for GP work
  • DBS check and application for the national performers’ list.  This is the responsibility of the trainee to arrange – though DBS will often need to be organised through the practice as with any other new employee. Guidelines for Specialty Trainees Joining the Perfomers List July 2015 Version 1.0
  • Driving licence – check (Must hold valid driving licence & have use of a car)
  • Residency/ passport
  • Hepatitis B serology – an occupational health clearance is now part of application process for the NPL
  • Residency/ passport
  • Disability , special needs.  Any reasonable adaptions required Sample letter enquiring re disability requirements
  • P45 for calculation of salary

You should also arrange in advance any admin that may be necessary to work in your practice eg.

  • ID cards
  • SMART cards
  • NHS email address
  • Keys/door codes/ Alarm codes
  • Access to webpath
  • Set up trainee email in-house to receive copies of relevant clinical emails
  • Passwords – Windows, GP gateway, Docman, EMIS or other, C&B
  • Name plate

In terms of ensuring the practice itself is ready to receive them, in addition to discussion with staff to manage expectations, remember to check you have:

  • A notice and/or booklet in reception/ the waiting room to inform patients that you have a trainee
  • A fully equipped room ready for the trainee
  • A fully equipped doctor’s bag for the trainee
  • A video camera and facilites for playback (for consultation analysis)

You will also need to:

  • apply for your training grant
  • prepare an induction timetable for them examples may be found here and send this to your trainee

6 weeks before the Trainee Arrives at the Practice

Send the trainee a pack containing:

  • Their contract– ensure they sign and return it to you. This will need to be adjusted for ST1/2/3. A copy of the BMA model contract and handbook can be accessed below. Your practice manager will be able to determine their salary scale from previous payslips or their P45.  BMA model contract
  • Practice brochure
  • Practice/ staff handbook
  • Any other materials routinely provided to new staff

Who to go to for Help