ST3 teaching


ST3s have a full day of training on Tuesdays.  Usually this consists of formal teaching in the mornings and self-directed learning in the afternoons.  The teaching program has been carefully compiled to address the  RCGP curriculum using local specialist and GP expertise.  The aim of the self-directed learning sessions is to enable you to target your specific learning needs, which could include peer-led teaching, inviting specialist speakers or attending outpatient clinics and courses.

The calendar should always be viewed for up to date information.

During August- February there is an emphasis on consultation skills and preparation for the CSA.   The group often uses SDL sessions to practice consultation techniques run through useful ‘hot topics’.

From March to July you will spend more time preparing for life as an independant GP.   Sessions include techniques for handling “difficult patients” , financial, legal and employment matters, medical politics, clinical governance, CV and interview skills.  We also run an away day with an overnight stay where we focus on developing skills required to work with colleagues in practice.

We use a wide range of teaching methods for example small group work, formal lectures, debate, discussion, practical exercises and video recording of consultations for discussion. A variety of professionally delivered courses are incorporated into this year. Some of these are provided free of charge, others carry a cost which you can usually use your study leave budget for. Courses offered typically include:

– GP update (round-up of latest evidence)
– A mock CSA exam
– Therapeutic Rapport using actors to practice rapport
– Substance Misuse
– An St3 away day
– Child and adult safeguarding


Teaching is usually in Trust Education Centre on the RBH site unless stated otherwise on the timetable.  Sometimes we join forces with the Windsor scheme so the venue may change.  Please ensure you arrive by 9.45am for housekeeping- the formal session will begin at 10.15 am.


Attendance at teaching is very important and all of our practices release trainees for teaching on a Tuesday.  The single lead employer requires that we keep records of your attendance and report all absences to them.  We therefore require that you fill in a Teaching Absence form for every missed session (both structured teaching and SDL) so that we can pass this information on to them.  It is important to note that you are paid to attend teaching and unexplained absence is treated as a probity issue by the single lead employer.