Problem Based Learning

Problem Based Learning, or PBL starts in ST1 and continues through the three years of your VTS. In ST1 and 2 you will work as a whole group, in ST3 you will be divided into small groups of 6-8 people and will work in the same group throughout the year. Initially the programme directors will present you with a “problem”. As a group you will discus the problem, and decide on which aspects of it you wish to focus. You will then work as a group to prepare a presentation addressing the areas you chose. As time goes on, you will be encouraged to generate your own “problem”. This may be a difficult patient, an area where you are scoring poorly on AKT practice questions, or simply an area where you do not feel confident. It may be a clinical problem or something related to wider general practice.

Each PBL cycle works over 3 half day sessions- 2 sessions for preparation, and 1 for presentation and feedback. In the process you will gain skills in negotiation, group working, independent research and presentation skills- all essential skills for GPs in the modern world.