Clinical Supervision

Your Clinical Supervisor

The clinical part of your training during the various stages is coordinated by a Clinical Supervisor. This is usually the Consultant you are working with in hospital, or GP trainer if you are in a primary care post. During your last year as ST3, the Educational Supervisor will also adopt the role of Clinical Supervisor.

Your Educational Supervisor

All doctors enrolled in the specialty training programme will be allocated an Educational Supervisor. Educational Supervisors are all experienced GPs and are trained GP educators.  During ST1 and ST2 your Educational Supervisor will ensure that you make good progress with your training by monitoring your e-portfolio and meeting with you at least every six months for reviews, which are a necessary part of the Workplace Based Assessment. The Educational Supervisor will go through your ePortfolio with you and help you define which areas of the curriculum you need to focus on. The Professional Development Plan is the section which lays out plans for how you will meet your learning needs.

We would recommend that you contact your Educational Supervisor early on to plan the reviews during ST1 and ST2 and also prepare for your final year in your Educational Supervisor’s practice.

Occasionally learners might find themselves in difficulty, due to ill health or other reasons. Your ES is the first person whom you should discuss any difficulties with. This will be confidential and facilitative. Subsequently, the ES may suggest the involvement of the Programme Director if changes to training are necessary. Please refer to the “Gold Guide” for guidance with regard to particular scenarios.