Introduction to the e-Po

Introduction to the e-Portfolio and assessments

The e-Portfolio is the core of your evidence base to demonstrate progress towards CCT. Regular engagement with the system is key.

WPBA evaluates your progress in areas of professional practice best tested in the workplace and:

  • looks at your performance in day to day practice to provide evidence for learning and reflection based on real experiences
  • supports and drives learning in important areas of capability with an underlying theme of patient safety
  • provides constructive feedback on areas of strength and developmental needs, identifying trainees who may be in difficulty and need more help
  • evaluates aspects of professional behaviour that are difficult to assess in the Applied Knowledge Test and Clinical Skills Assessment / Recorded Consultation Assessment
  • determines fitness to progress towards completion of training.

There is good evidence that if you learn systematically through your training, based around the curriculum areas then you are more likely to be successful across the assessments as you progress.

You can find information on the various types of e-po entry and WPBA assessments on the RCGP website.

There is an extensive FAQs section on the FourteenFish website, where you can also submit a request for help if you are having problems with things like locked ESRs, missing entries etc.

The Deanery’s website contains core information about the management of your training. You will probably find the “GP Specialty Trainees” section most useful.

You’ll be able to find the majority of answers to your queries online, so please make these websites your first port of call.

Looking at your own reflection…

Ngozi, one of our 2019 ST1s, has written an article for the InnovAiT blog looking at the art of writing a reflective learning log entry. You can read it here

Thanks to Ngozi for allowing us to share it