Out of Hours

OOH Requirements

You have to do 8 OOH shifts with Kernow Doc – 2 red (observing) shifts in your ST1/2 year whilst you are on GP placement, and 6 green shifts in your ST3 year where you practice seeing patients independently. In ST1/2, these have to be a 5 hour week day shift. In ST3 you can also do weekend shifts. They can be any mix of treatment centre, triage or car shift.

How to Organise your shifts

Email Kernow CIC at rotateam.kernowcic@nhs.net telling them what stage you are at, which locations you are interested in and the timeframe eg next 3 months and they will send you a list of possible shifts – do this earlier rather than later as shifts get booked up.

The Clinical Supervisor

Clinical Supervisors provide support, guidance and training to GP Specialty Trainees (GTSTs) during their OOH sessions. This can be at the base, on a mobile shift or at the Treatment Centre. The clinical supervisor is responsible for supporting the GPST so that she/he can provide the appropriate standard of care, whilst gaining confidence and competence in the provision of care in the OOH setting. Based on their observations the Supervisor can then provide feedback on the GPSTs performance and learning needs to the trainee and their trainer.

Your responsibilities

At the end of each session, you have to complete an OOH session form with your supervisor. Completed OOH Session forms should be uploaded to your ePortfolio as a learning log. In ST3, you have to fill out a schedule of evidence once you’ve done all your sessions. Both forms are attached below.

OOH Session Form
Schedule of Evidence