Finishing Training


At the end of your training, the deanery will hold a final ARCP Panel. This is to determine if you have gained the required competences for licensing and met the requirements of the GP training programme, including passing the MRCGP examinations. If you meet the requirements they will sign you off from training on your ePortfolio. If you have not met these requirements, the panel may award some additional training time.

You must apply to both the GMC and RCGP for your CCT.

  1. The GMC will invite you to apply to them in the last four months of your training programme. This will be via the email address the GMC hold for you.
  2. When you sign your final ARCP form and press the “Apply for CCT” button in your ePortfolio, your application to the RCGP is automatic. We will then review your evidence to check you have met the requirements and make a recommendation to the GMC to award a CCT. 
  3. The GMC will check our recommendation against your application to them and, if you are successful, will issue you with your CCT. Providing the GMC have received your completed application form, your CCT will be sent out no earlier than 10 working days before your end of training date and you will be placed on the GP Register on the final day of your training.

By law your name must be listed on the GP register before you can work in NHS general practice in any capacity. You must wait for your entry to the register before taking up employment. You must also be included on the National Medical Performers List (NMPL) for the country in which you wish to work. There are separate lists for EnglandWales and Northern Ireland. In Scotland, each health board runs its own performers list and there is no central list.

You must use the CEGPR route to apply for entry to the GP register if you haven’t completed the three year GMC approved training programme or have been released from training and passed the exam out of programme.

Changing your status on the Performers list

GPs wishing to start work as soon as possible after receiving the CCT will need to send the following documents to the email below:

  1. Original CCT Certificate
  2. Copy of updated MDU/MPS to show you are covered to work as a Locum, Salaried etc
  3. Covering letter stating that you want to join the performers list and confirmation of your home address, email, and contact phone number
  4. The attached Performers List Change Notification form to be scanned and sent to

Please note you cannot work as a GP until you have received confirmation that your status has been updated.

Jobs and Money

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