New Starters

Welcome to all new trainees.

Welcome to the Cornwall GP Training Scheme and to the start of what will hopefully be an exciting three years in training. We know starting the scheme can be a daunting time with lots of information to take in. Below are some FAQs with details of who to go to if you are running into any difficulties.

I haven’t got an ePortfolio. Help!

Your national training number would have been emailed to you before you started the programme, you need this in order to register with the RCGP as an Associate in Training (AiT). You register for the RCGP by clicking the link here and once registered should be able to create a FourteenFish account.

If you are still having problems, contact Trudy Eddy in the Postgraduate Centre.

I don’t know who my Supervisors are!

Your Educational Supervisor’s details are listed under the portfolio tab on FourteenFish, to the top right of that page. If they are not listed, please contact Trudy Eddy. 

Your Clinical Supervisor should also be listed in this section. If not listed, please contact the rota co-ordinator of the hospital placement you are on.

I’ve transferred from another Scheme!

Everything should have been transferred over by your Deanery and the RCGP so in the first instance, check FourteenFish to see if your rotations and WBPAs are all there and correct. If anything is missing, contact the GP administrator first, failing that the Deanery, or the RCGP.