Portfolio Guides and Requirements

The RCGP website contains an overview of the trainee portfolio. There you can find guides, video walkthroughs and webinars on a number of topics including:

  • Preparing for the ESR
  • Clinical Supervisor Report guidance
  • Completing Educational Assessments and WPBAs

The following table contains the RCGP minimum evidence requirements of each training year.

Supporting trainees to meet requirements for ARCP

Wessex Deanery have developed and kindly shared roadmaps to meeting ARCP requirements for ST1s through to ST3s at all levels of contracted working time (i.e. 100% WTE and LTFT).

A guide to accessing these roadmaps is detailed in the trainee page on meeting ARCP requirements.

The ST3 roadmaps at 100%, 80%, 70% and 60% WTE can be viewed and downloaded below:

Page last reviewed: 28 January, 2024