Educational Supervisors’ Workshops

Please note that these pages are in the process of being updated. Pages marked with an asterisk (*) are awaiting more up-to-date information. For more further information about any of these groups please contact the group convenor.

Bristol Trainers United

Convenor: Alison Hutchings, Horfield Health Centre.

BTU mission statement:

Meetings alternate between Tuesdays and Thursdays. Every 2 months. 0930-1130.

Rotating between practices but no obligation to host.

Annual Summer hike.

Trainers since 2020.


SATIRE GP Trainers

Convenor: Andrew Appleton – Courtside Surgery, Yate

Aim of workshop:

To provide mutual support to group members in their training activities in an informal setting, acting as a forum for sharing ideas and finding practical solutions to training issues


·   To act as a confidential and supportive forum for discussing training issues of individual members

·   Identify new key elements of training for discussion and to share best practice

·   Provide supporting documentation for use by the group and for wider distribution to other trainers via the workshop website

Meetings Format: The workshop meets alternate months on a Thursday afternoon from 2 – 4pm

Venue: meetings are usually held at Courtside Surgery, Yate.

Each meeting includes confidential discussion of any specific training issues experienced by members with current trainees, followed by formal agenda items.

Each year we benchmark each other by doing a COT or CBD with a trainee from one of the members’ practices.

We organise a walk once a year to provide mutual support in a more informal setting

We organize a joint meeting with the POET group once a year with an external speaker.

Our activities are supported by our website. It includes minutes of our meetings and documents we develop to support training activities, as well as links to other sites of interest.

The Curry Club

Convenor: Tom Pelly, Horfield Health Centre.

The Curry Club is a training institution, having a stable core and some new members keeping us fresh.

We have a strong ethos of mutual support, energetic discussion and a general love of curry. We have a good balance of conversation around training and  its intangibles,  and a realisation of the challenges of GP and the training system as it evolves around us.

We meet in the evenings, either at our own houses with curry, or out in a private room at a local curry house.

We have an annual away day with the North Bristol trainers group, which adds a new dynamic and also a bit of time away for some clearer headspace.