Teaching structure for Bath ST3 GP Trainees

  • ST3 teaching is for all trainees entering their final GP placement for a duration of 12 months.
  • All ST3 Teaching and Topic Teaching sessions are mandatory to attend.
  • Each trainee may be expected to provide a clinical case, guideline or a patient case. Trainees are required to sign up for each in advance.
  • It is the trainee’s responsibility to regularly check the timetable and arrange their study leave with the Practice. Reminders will be sent out.
  • Attendance is recorded using the signed register from each session.
  • Trainees are required to achieve the minimum teaching attendance of 70%, including Topic Teaching sessions.
  • Regular checks of teaching attendance will be made, especially around 6 month review and ARCP periods.

Additional information for ST3 LTFTs

  • ST3 teaching is for all trainees entering their final GP placement, generally for 12 months on a full time basis so the whole ST3 teaching year is experienced. This includes a week placement at Dorothy House. 
  • The  remainder of the final GP placement will be used for clinical work as the majority of study leave will have been used in the first 12 months. We calculate study leave from the start of ST3 until CCT. You will be able to attend external courses during this time.
  • Attending ST3 teaching at the beginning of the placement means being part of the same trainee group from ST2 , providing consistency and familiarity.
  • It is the trainee’s responsibility to check the timetable and plan ahead. Trainees must achieve 70% attendance of approximately 40 sessions, these include Topic Teaching. ST3 topics are scheduled approximately the same time each academic year.