About us

About us

Bath GP Training Scheme Mission Statement

  • Pass exams
  • Encourage evidence-based, person-centred practice
  • Develop self care and resilience
  • Develop reflective practice and team working skills
  • Encourage independent thought and inspire confidence
  • Broaden view of medicine towards patients as people within a community and societal context
  • Introduce specialist areas of interest and portfolio careers
  • Encourage group bonding and peer support
  • Help all trainees to feel secure, accepted and able to bring their whole selves to work and study.

Learning Opportunities

Teaching is always held on a Wednesday, both morning and afternoon.

At group work teaching there will be the opportunity to discuss with other GP trainees, tips for the exams, help with the e-portfolio, and the chance to address any other issues that arise in training or elsewhere. The group work teaching will be facilitated by a nominated Training Programme Director (TPD). Trainees will be given topics to prepare and present during the ST2 and ST3 year.

There are many other educational opportunities available including membership for the Bath GP Education Research Trust (BGPERT), and the GP Education team are always available for help and advice, please contact via the GP Office at ruh-tr.gpadmin@nhs.net