Dorothy House

GP DiT have been going to Dorothy House since 1994 as part of their training year in General Practice. The week-long placement (minus Wednesday) aims to help you gain an understanding of the principles of palliative care, the specialist palliative care team that work in the hospice and the community, pain and other symptom management. Registrars attend the week in pairs.

An annual ‘Placement Day’ at Dorothy House is organised before the placements commence. The idea is that the whole group of Registrars attends the day to enable you to meet some of the specialist multidisciplinary team and learn about their role. There will also be sessions on other palliative care perspectives.

During your placement at Dorothy House, you will have the opportunity to be involved with the Inpatient and Day Patient Unit, attend multi-disciplinary team meetings, go out with a Nurse Specialist, and have tutorials with the medics and chaplain. The clinical work will always be varied and acts as a catalyst for discussion.

The placement week comprises 4 days (Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri). Attendance is not expected on Wednesdays. LTFT trainees will have a tailored programme to fit their working week. Placement weeks are usually held between January and June each year.

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