Study Leave

The study leave year runs from August until the following July. 30 days (60 sessions) is your total allowance. From this total sessions are deducted for structured teaching (group work DRC and topic teaching). The remaining sessions are available for you to organise your own study leave events. The Dorothy House placement will take 8 sessions.

LTFT trainees have study leave time calculated on a pro-rata basis.

Once leave has been approved by your Educational Supervisor as part of a written entry on your PDP, you must enter the training course and estimated study leave expenses onto Accent at least four weeks before the date of the course commencing, entering the named ES spoken to for approval. Study leave will only be approved by the GP Office with these authorisations and it may be necessary to escalate the application to the AD/GP School for final approval.

The most recent study leave guidance from HEE is available via the following link: