Take a look at the new online SPEX (Support for Performance and Exams) resources here https://primarycare.severndeanery.nhs.uk/training/trainees/spex/

Refreshed resources and links!

We’re refreshing our resources and links page to make it more current – if there’s anything you’d like to see […]

Podcasts for IMGs

The Yorkshire & Humber Deanery have put together a great series of podcasts aimed at IMGs starting their GP training […]

Non-specialist paediatric study day – 20 March 2023

This course is eligible for full study leave funding. Claim via https://primarycare.peninsuladeanery.nhs.uk/about-us/gp-specialty-trainees/hee-sw-gp-study-leave-guidance/

What about Wednesdays?!

There is pretty clear guidance now about your weekly educational sessions, and what you should do when there’s no VTS […]

Just added! New podcast – ACE GP Training

We’ve just added the link to a new podcast to our Resources page – ACE GP Training

New job vacancies added!

Old Bridge Surgery currently have 2 job vacancies – visit the job adverts page to see the ads

New Job vacancies!

Two new vacancies have just been added to the Job Adverts page

New job advert added!

Pathfields Medical Group is currently recruiting. Please see the job adverts page for info