New job vacancies added!

Old Bridge Surgery currently have 2 job vacancies – visit the job adverts page to see the ads

New Job vacancies!

Two new vacancies have just been added to the Job Adverts page

New job advert added!

Pathfields Medical Group is currently recruiting. Please see the job adverts page for info

Job advert added!

Check out the Job Adverts page to see recently-added vacancies

New job adverts added!

Two new job adverts have just been added to the site – please visit the job adverts page

Locum opportunity in Wembury

Wembury Surgery are looking for a locum. Check out the vacancies page

Looking for locum opportunities?

Several practices in East Cornwall are currently looking for locums – check out the job adverts page

New job advert added…

Please see our local jobs page for a new opportunity at Elm Surgery, Plymouth