Take a look at the new online SPEX (Support for Performance and Exams) resources here https://primarycare.severndeanery.nhs.uk/training/trainees/spex/

Podcasts for IMGs

The Yorkshire & Humber Deanery have put together a great series of podcasts aimed at IMGs starting their GP training […]

What about Wednesdays?!

There is pretty clear guidance now about your weekly educational sessions, and what you should do when there’s no VTS […]

New Study Leave form & guidance

The Deanery has issued updated study leave guidance, incl. more info about which courses will/won’t be supported. There is also […]

Updated COVID-19 info

HEE has updated its COVID-19 guidance and information for trainees – click here

Locum opportunity in Wembury

Wembury Surgery are looking for a locum. Check out the vacancies page

Support for Covid concerns

If you have any concerns about the clinical educational environment or about your own wellbeing, there are a range of […]