New Starters

Welcome to all new trainees.

We hope you’re looking forward to your GP training programme as much as we are looking forward to helping you along the way. Remember: the scheme has a GP administrator and several Training Programme Directors that you can call upon.

5 things to do as soon as you join a scheme…

– Do this ASAP.

– To register online, click here.

– There is an enquiry line for AiTs (email or telephone 020 7344 3078) for any registration queries.

Contact your TPDs and get your rota so that you find out the details of your first post.  Then contact that post and see exactly what is going to happen on your first and subsequent few days.

Ask your TPD or Practice Manager of the GP Training Practice ASAP if you don’t know what this means.

If you don’t know when your GP scheme’s induction is – email your GP scheme administrator. When you have got your dates for your GP TRAINING SCHEME’S induction, don’t forget to  book that time as study leave with your first post.  PLEASE TELL THEM AND  BOOK IT IN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE – they will not automatically know.  

There are TWO Inductions you will receive

Either a GP post based induction or a hospital specialty based induction.  These will help you settle into your new specific ST1 post.

The aim of  this induction is to provide a sort of orientation session where you understand THE WHOLE of your GP training pathway and journey (and all the requirements, including exams). 

You need to attend both.

I haven’t got an ePortfolio. Help!

That’s because you have not registered with the RCGP as an Associate in Training (AiT). Please do that now. Details above.