Gem Group

We recognise that being a trainee in GP for the first time can be a daunting experience, and you may be on a steep learning curve.

  • Who’s it for? The GEM group is for all ST1s and ST2s currently on a GP practice placement.
  • What does it involve? Meeting all together in the mornings then spending the afternoons in a practice of your choice. The morning meetings may be virtual depending on COVID restrictions at the time
  • Who’s running this thing? In the morning you’ll be with the TPDs and ST3 Education scholars… and in the afternoon you’ll be trainee-led!
  • What will we be learning? You’ll be taught on consultation models, different styles and some handy tips and tricks then getting the chance to practise these with actors. You’ll get the opportunity to share videos of your consultations and appraise each other – helping to build confidence for your RCA in ST3.
  • What about the afternoons? You’ll do be building relationships with colleagues in your group, doing team-building activities and presenting to each other on short “hot topics” which are useful in GP – as well as seeing how different practices operate. You should also find time to fit in a pub lunch or a walk on the beach… after all, we are in Devon!

Upcoming dates

See the timetable for host and hot topic