Our Scheme runs a number of educational programmes other than Half-Day Release. We provide a summary for you here (including the current timetable).

Non-urgent advice: Half Day Release

This is a half day or whole day of teaching on a Wednesday. There is sometimes preparation for the session so please check the timetable beforehand. After these sessions, you have to record attendance by giving feedback, the link for this is also on the timetable.

The teaching timetable can be accessed here. If you are not on a GP placement, you will need to fill out study leave forms for the VTS dates and give them to your rota co-ordinator. They should already know about these dates and rota you off but on busy placements this is not always the case. Rota co-ordinators usually require 6 weeks notice for any study leave. You can find the form here or in the postgraduate centre.

Non-urgent advice: Small Groups

You will be assigned to a small group at the start of the year and will stay in these small groups for the next three years. One of the TPDs will be your small group leader. These groups are designed for you to bring any difficult cases or problems to for sharing within a safe space.

Whilst on GP placement in ST1 and ST2, there are additional small groups specifically for those on GP placement. This is an opportunity for you to talk through specific cases, bring recorded consultations and get constructive feedback on consultation. All small group dates are in the timetable.

Non-urgent advice: Buddy System

Your buddy is essentially a friend/mentor from the year above who can provide advice on anything from training, advice on exams to best spots in Cornwall for a surf. You will be assigned a buddy from the year above at the start of the programme and will meet them and the rest of the school on the away day on the 25th of August. The requirements for the buddy system will be set out on this day.

Non-urgent advice: Away Days

These generally happen twice a year. In September/October, there is a two day away day in Newquay. It is an opportunity to get to know your peers better, out of a work setting whilst learning about Consultation Skills. There are also further away days at the end of each year. These are in your timetable. Make sure you request study leave ahead of time, these are arguably the most fun days in the year so you do not want to miss out!