GP ST3 Teaching Wednesday 6/9/23 0930-1230

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Hi all, here are the joining instructions for next Wednesday’s morning session. We will be walking up Rivington Hill in Bolton, having discussions about group work along the way. If you have questions after reading the email*, please get in touch.
We aim for our teaching to be inclusive, but recognise that this physical activity may not suit everyone and so apologise for those that can’t participate. The educational component of the session involves some tasks regarding group work and we can share this learning with you after the session.

*Look, I know this email is really long but we have to demonstrate that we are taking health and safety seriously; even if it is “just a walk up a hill”. I’m sure most of you are sensible, but please do take 5 minutes to read. (Seb)

Please read the email carefully so you know where to come and what safety information we all need to adhere to to make the session compliant with HEE guidance.


The goal of the walk is to think about how groups work, as well as to get to know each other. We want you to:

  • Consider how groups work best
  • Make and maintain personal relationships to support each other beyond the training framework
  • See Bolton from a different vista


We will be doing these discussions during a walk up and downRivington Pike in Bolton, which should take something like 2 hours at an average pace. The view from the top lets us all look out over Bolton.

You can see the walk here:

We will walk as a group and stop along the way for some discussions. Please keep with the group and acknowledge that everyone will have a different pace. You should be able to see the quickest and slowest participants at all times, and be within easy earshot of Kat & Seb at all times.

It goes without saying that this is an outside event. Please wear clothes and shoes appropriate for walking outside. Much of the paths are gravel, and there are several staircases. Towards the Pike itself we will walk on grassed paths. There is a steep section of walk to the Pike. Please bring some water to drink, and some snacks if you like. Please consider sun protection if the weather looks bright and sunny, or a coat and shoes appropriate to wear if it gets wet.

BBC Weather Link:


This activity requires some physical activity. For context, hundreds of Bolton families do this walk every Easter with younger children, however, the path and steps are steep in some places. There are no toilet facilities on the route, aside from the start/end point. It’s not suitable for anyone with an injury, and may not be suitable for those with long-term disability. Please contact us to discuss any questions or concerns you might have and we’ll come up with solutions.

We encourage all those participating to consider the needs of the entire group, and in line with hiking convention, our pace should be that of the slowest members of the group.


From Preston/Manchester, take the M61 to J6 for Horwich and follow Chorley New Road through Horwich itself. As you are leaving, there’s an odd roundabout that doubles back to Horwich or heads left to Blackrod, and very soon after is a right turn onto Lever Park Avenue/ Rivington Lane. (If you see signs welcoming you to Chorley, you’ve gone too far!)

From Chorley/Adlington, take the A673 towards Horwich/Bolton and turn left onto Lever Park Avenue/Rivington Lane just before you enter the town of Horwich. (If you reach The Crown pub you’ve gone too far!)

Follow this country road along, passing Rivington & Blackrod High School (on your right) and after a few twists and turns, you’ll see Rivington Great Hall Information Centre and Great Hall Barn as well as signs for GoApe on your left.

About 25 metres after, take a right towards Rivington Hall Barn along a partially paved road with parking either side.

We recommend parking either on this approach road to Rivington Hall Gardens, or in Rivington Great House Barn where toilets and a cafe are located (and is about 5 minutes walk away).

Using Google Maps? Follow this: .

If you go as far up the driveway as you can, we will meet just before the road ends and becomes a path.

Please meet at this point by 0945 and we will set off walking at 1000.

(Please arrive well in time as once we start walking it may be hard to catch up)

We aim to be back at the carpark driveway by 1230 at the very latest. This should leave enough time to get somewhere for the ICS event. Please consider car-sharing if viable.

For future reference there are several places to take lunch around Rivington if you wish to stay, such as the Old Hall Barn, The Rivington Brewery & The Rivington Bowling Club.


The following considerations are very important to read:

  • The walk requires a medium ability to undertake physical activity. There is a steep section of walk towards the Pike itself. The walk is 3 miles long and takes approximately 1.5 hours, although we will stop at various points along the route so aim to spend about 2.5 hours to complete.
  • Please wear clothing appropriate to the activity. We recommend sturdy shoes and layered clothing that allows you to dress more warmly/coolly should you need. It is quite windy at the top of the Pike, and so you might want an extra layer even on warm days. When it’s bright sunglasses help protect your eyes and make it easier to see all around the NorthWest.
  • If the day is particularly sunny, please consider your skin, and wear appropriate sun protection (such as sunscreen, hats or long clothing).
  • Please stick to the group. You may know the route or be familiar with the area, but please do not go off from the main group. We will conduct regular headcounts and set our pace by the slowest in the group.
  • We suggest bringing food and drinks that you would like yourself. Some bottled water is highly recommended. Please respect the local area and take your rubbish home with you. There are no shops in the Gardens or on the hill.
  • Toilets are available at Rivington in the Great House Barn, a 5 minute walk from where we have advised to park. There are no toilets on the walk itself.

Kat Rothwell will be the First Aider and emergency contact for the activity. You can see a more detailed Risk Assessment attached if you want to.


In the event of severe inclement weather, we might need to cancel at the last minute. If so, we will tell you by email by 0800h on the day – if in doubt, please check before heading off. In the event of a cancellation, we’ll host an event on Zoom instead.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Seb & Kat