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ST3 SCA Summer School

Tonge Fold Health Centre. Tonge Fold Health Centre, Hilton St Bolton BL2 6DY
Teaching typically takes a pause over summer to allow for holidays and because traditionally, many ST3s were post-exam and pre-CCT. For those of you who are yet to sit the SCA exam, which will include those who started ST3 in February 2024 and those of you who are LTFT, we are delighted to offer some facilitated sessions over July.
If you have passed the SCA, please do not come to the session. Use the educational time for something you have agreed with your ES… this is a great time for seeking out things you want to know before CCT comes!
Each Wednesday morning in July, we will facilitate small group work to practice consulting and feedback, which each session having an experienced GP educator and someone who has recently passed the SCA to help give feedback and guidance. You’ll take it in turns to pretend to be a patient and a doctor, with the others in your group watching and then giving feedback.
You will be providing the cases; so keep some notes on patients that have made you think, or make up cases based on things you want to improve upon. Remember to design/adapt cases with the SCA in mind: eg: no examinations, can be video or audio only. I’ve done an example below. With no cases, the session will be pretty dull, so do get thinking!
All sessions 0930-1230 on Wednesday mornings, at Bolton Education Centre, and will be facilitated by the following supervisors.
What to bring:
  • Copies of the attached Consultation map (14Fish has an online version if you bring a tablet, or print some and bring a pen)
  • Case histories for patients – ideally have a brief “Info for Doctor” to give your colleague
  • Something to time consults
Sample Case:
“Info for Doctor”: 23 year-old woman. No meds. No PMHx. Last BP 104/76. BMI 19.2
Case is of a 23 year old who wants to start contraception. Used condoms up to now but getting inconvenient and want something easier.. No history of VTE if asked. Social vaper, doesn’t smoke cigarettes. No headache/migraines. Mum had breast cancer (survived) but worried that taking hormones might increase risk. 30 day cycle, period usually lasts 4 days. Menarche age 13. No past pregnancies. Might want to get pregnant in next 5 years, unsure so doesn’t want anything too permanent. Would accept COCP/POP/injection if risk with breast cancer is addressed well.

Questions about this event?

Organiser : Dr Seb Pillon

Email: seb.pillon@hee.nhs.uk