St Edwards Medical Centre

Practice Name: St Edwards Medical Centre
Trainers Name(S): Dr Suparna Chakrabarti
Address: 7 St Edwards Way, Romford, Essex RM1 3DQ
Telephone: 01708 741096 or 08443 858787
Number Of Patients: 10000
Number Of Partners: 5


Spirometer: Yes
Audiometer: No
Carbon monoxide meter: No
Autoclave: Yes
Cautery machines: Yes
Other equipment:

Service to Patients

Are coils fitted within the Practice: Yes
Is child health surveillance carried out within the Practice: Yes
If so, is it undertaken by a registered trainer in CHS: Yes
Is minor surgery undertaken within the Practice: Yes
Is a community family planning clinic run: Yes
Are any outreach clinics run?: No


Nurses: 3
Practice Manager: 1
Receptionists: 11
Administrative Staff: 5
Cleaner / Caretakers: 2

Attached Staff

District Nurse: 4
Social Worker:
Health Visitor: 2


Design of surgery: Purpose built
Leasing arrangement: Rented
Number of medical consulting rooms: 1
Does the registrar have his/her own room: Yes
Level of information technology in use: Latest Vision computer system
Paperless surgery: No – paperlight

Further Information

We are a very friendly practice situated in the centre of Romford offering minor surgery, coil fitting, implanon fitting, acupuncture, joint injections and insulin initiation.

The trainee would be able to get ample exposure and training. All chronic disease clinics are run efficiently along with our nurse practitioner. We are a teaching practice for undergraduate medical students and all doctors are involved with teaching and training. We are actively involved in teaching of nurses and are a part of the local nurse. One of the partners is an executive member of the local GP consortium and specialises in mental health. There is a great variety of skill mix in our approach to effective patient care.