Church Elm Lane Surgery

Practice Name: Church Elm Lane Surgery
Trainers Name(S): Dr M Goyal
Address: Church Elm Lane, Dagenham, Essex RM10 9RR
Telephone: 020 8465 3000
Number Of Patients: 6050
Number Of Partners: 2


Spirometer: Yes
Audiometer: No
Carbon monoxide meter: Yes
Autoclave: Supplies from CSSD
Cautery machines: No
Other equipment:

Service to Patients

Are coils fitted within the Practice: Yes
Is child health surveillance carried out within the Practice: Yes
If so, is it undertaken by a registered trainer in CHS: No
Is minor surgery undertaken within the Practice: Yes
Is a community family planning clinic run: No
Are any outreach clinics run?: Yes – Anti-Coagnulation – BCG – Health Visitor – IAPT Counselling Services


Nurses: 1.5 + 2 HCA
Practice Manager: 1
Receptionists: 6
Administrative Staff: 1
Cleaner / Caretakers: 1

Attached Staff

District Nurse: 1
Social Worker: 0.25
CPN: 0
Health Visitor: 0.25
Counsellor: 0.1


Design of surgery: LIFT premises
Leasing arrangement: Rented
Number of medical consulting rooms: 5 Consulting Rooms + 1 Treatment Room + Minor Ops Suite
Does the registrar have his/her own room: Yes
Level of information technology in use: Fully computerised
Paperless surgery: Yes – registered as paperlight

Further Information

We are an established family practice of 50+ years, now in purpose built premises. We enjoy excellent clinical care for our patients and feel we make a difference despite various political changes. Friendly and forward thinking, we always manage to find the sunny bits of Dagenham to create a positive and friendly learning environment. The area has lots of pathology, a variety of cultures and an interesting social mix to learn from. We support preparation for MRCGP, mindful of the trainee’s individual needs and offer guidance for personal development. Our multidisciplinary staff of enthusiastic GPs, a keen pharmacist, nurse prescribers, capable HCAs and knowledgeable admin staff are geared towards helping trainees make the most of their training opportunities; trainees are therefore able to enjoy their training as well as have the security of a good grounding in general practice from which to launch their careers.

Flexible timings, minutes from the District Line tube, a bus ride from Queens Hospital, just of the A13 and easy access from the A12 via the North Circular.

Call or email us for a chat or to arrange a visit.