The Training Year

Training Year

The year starts with an induction period – usually about 2 weeks where you will sit in with your trainer to help get you started.

You will then begin consulting , slowly at first with your patient numbers gradually increasing so that by 4 – 6 months you will be seeing between 8 and 12 booked patients per surgery.

Throughout this period you will attend the half day release, and are not required to come back to do surgery work after the educational sessions have finished. You may however be asked to do undertake quality improvement programmes during the time when the course is closed(it runs university terms – about 30 weeks per year).

You will of course be working to the new Junior Doctor contract and your trainer will discuss in detail the hours with you when you start in the practice

The half day release is part of your 30 day study leave – the exact amount can be more or less than this and is decided upon by negotiation with your trainer. Remember that a year goes very quickly, and general practice is a practical skill which can only be learned by hands on experience.

There are a series of useful courses throughout the year which include, minor surgery, resuscitation, child development and family planning for which you may take study leave.

Your trainer will assess your progress and plan with you your educational time table. He will guide your studies and help you understand the CSA and AKT . You should aim to be consulting at 10 minute appointments at least 6 weeks before attempting the CSA

There is an out of hours component to your salary ( which is part of your 40 hours ) and once you are established in the practice you may be required to do a share of on call or attend the Co-op out of hours service. This is to ensure you are confident in dealing with primary care during times when the surgery is closed.

Throughout the attachment the trainers’ main aim is that you gain as much as possible from the experience. It is a busy year but one which is hugely enjoyable and can set the tone for your working life for many years to come