St Albans Surgery

Practice Name: Urswick Medical Centre
Trainers Name(S): Dr T Chandra Mohan – Dr Rami Hara
Address: Urswick Medical Centre, Urswick Road, Dagenham, Essex RM9 6EA
Telephone: 020 8984 4464
Number Of Patients: 8218
Number Of Partners: 2


ECG: Yes
Spirometer: Yes
Audiometer: No
Carbon monoxide meter: Yes
Autoclave: No
Cautery machines: Yes
Other equipment: Cryotherapy – Defibrillator

Service to Patients

Are coils fitted within the Practice: Yes
Is child health surveillance carried out within the Practice: Yes
If so, is it undertaken by a registered trainer in CHS: Yes
Is minor surgery undertaken within the Practice: Yes
Is a community family planning clinic run: Yes
Are any outreach clinics run?: No


Nurses: 4 part time
Practice Manager: 1 full time – 1 assistant PM
Receptionists: 9
Administrative Staff: 3
Cleaner / Caretakers: 1

Attached Staff

District Nurse: Yes
Social Worker: Yes
CPN: Yes
Health Visitor: Yes
Counsellor: Yes – inhouse physiotherapist


Design of surgery: Purpose built
Leasing arrangement: Owned
Number of medical consulting rooms: 6
Does the registrar have his/her own room: Yes
Level of information technology in use: Computerised
Paperless surgery: Partial

Further Information

This practice was established about 55 years ago and had been a training practice since 1985. It is a practice with innovative ideas and has succeeded in giving education the top priority, both for clinicians as well as the other staff.

The Trainer is also Tutor for this area and is involved with issues of education in the patch.

There is an extensive library that has been recently added to the practice with almost all the essential books recommended by the Deanery.

The branch surgery is being purpose built with audio/visual facilities in all the consulting rooms.

In general we expect the Registrar to benefit from all the above.