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More Information about being a GP Trainee

Your Training

General Practice is the art of using medical knowledge and skills through consultations skills to help individuals manage their health and wellbeing.

There are just over 50 thousand GPs in the UK. You are training to join what is still considered by many GPs to be one of the most rewarding careers and professions. British Primary Care is much envied around the world and remains the most cost effective and efficient systems for managing health.

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A Summary

Every trainee in the UK has to:

  • Complete 3 years of GP Training (currently 18 months in primary care and at least 12 months in secondary care
  • Pass the AKT and CSA/RCA
  • Provide evidence in their ePortfolio the they have covered the GP Curriculum and are capable in all 13 areas of the GP Capability Framework.
  • This is all assessed at an annual review of compentency panel (ARCP).

In York each trainee’s scheme is divided into 6 posts that are 6 months long

  • 3 secondary care posts (one of which may be an innovative post)
  • 3 primary care posts (the last two are always in ST3)

In each post you have a clinical supervisor and for the duration of the scheme you are allocated an educational supervisor, who is a GP Trainer and a TPD. These people are all there to help you learn, give you feedback, assess your progress and provide support.

The information below should answer your questions about the practical aspects of working as a GP Trainee.

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