GP Training Surgeries in York

Beech Tree Surgery, Selby

Beech Tree Surgery is a well-established training practice, based in Selby, 14 miles south of York. It serves 16000 patients from three sites, with the main site being in Selby and branch surgeries at Carlton and Riccall. As well as GP training, Beech Tree has been involved in the teaching of medical students from HYMS for many years.

The practice covers more than 120 square miles with a varied demographic, ranging from rural practice, with dispensing of medication from a couple of sites, to urban populations. The surgery is also involved in providing some of the care at the New Selby Memorial hospital, a community hospital within five minutes’ walk from the surgery.

Dalton Terrace Surgery, York

Dalton Terrace is an established training practice situated in central York just outside the city walls and close to the racecourse. It has a current list size of 8500 which is expanding. The practice covers a mainly urban population in western York with a few patients in outlying villages. The demographic is mixed, with little deprivation. The practice also covers pupils at The Mount School which is opposite the practice building. There are currently 7 doctors with 5.75 WTE sessions. There are 3 nurses all of whom are part time and one of who is a nurse prescriber.

The practice is unusual in operating a personal list system, whereby patients see one doctor in the practice, unless that doctor is away.

Derwent Surgery, Malton

Derwent Practice, situated in the market town of Malton, serves just over 20000 patients in the town and adjacent villages. The town is large enough to give a flavour of urban practice but with low deprivation scores and there are many rural patients covered by the practice. It’s an easy journey to Malton by road or rail.

The partners are supported by a number of salaried doctors and a nurse-practitioner as well as experienced practice nursing and administrative teams. The practice operates a flexible personal list system and each partner has their own area of expertise. Teaching activities also extend to FY2 doctors, HYMS students and student nurses.

Medical services are provided to Malton Community Hospital including managing the inpatient unit and providing cover to the Urgent Care Centre. The inpatient unit takes patients suitable for step-up from the community as well as rehabilitation patients.

Elvington Practice

Elvington Medical Practice is a largely rural practice with a list size of approximately 7100 patients. Located in a large village to the southeast of York, the practice covers approximately 100 km². The main surgery is based in Elvington in modern purpose-built premises. Trainees have a dedicated consulting room and undertake all surgeries from the main site. There is a small branch surgery in the village of Wheldrake, which is open for a couple of sessions per week. The practice is able to dispense to most patients and is proud to be the first dispensing practice in the North of England to install a dispensing robot to help as with this process.

All partners have an interest in medical education; in addition to being a postgraduate training practice, students from HYMS are also taught with currently years one, two and four receiving teaching.

Front Street Surgery, Acomb

This practice is based in the busy western suburb of Acomb, with a branch surgery in Copmanthorpe, covering a number of neighbouring villages. The practice provides health care for approximately 4,500 patients. The main surgery is at Front Street in modern, purpose-built premises.

This is a small, friendly, traditional family practice, offering the full range of GP services and clinics and with a wide and interesting, mainly urban demographic.

The whole practice is enthusiastic in its educational role and as well as GPST training it is a clinical placement site for 1st and 2nd year medical students from HYMS.

Haxby Group Practice

This is a large, long established training practice which merged with Gale Farm surgery in April 2015, to create a 33 000 patient Practice.

The main centre is the Haxby Health Centre, which houses a large compliment of ancillary and attached staff.

Doctors work from six separate premises, with GP training taking place in a number of these sites, although the GPST will usually be based at one site.

The practice covers a mixture of urban and rural areas, encompassing an area of over 80 square miles. A small part of the Practice is dispensing. The practice is also involved with teaching 1st and 4th year HYMS students and is an Advanced Training Practice so teaching opportunities are available for interprofessional learning events.

The practice also run pharmacies at the Haxby and Huntington sites.

The practice run an acute clinic to provide care to patients who need seeing on the day and a team of Nurse Practitioners and Primary Care Practitioners work with the Doctor team to provide a range of appointment types.

There is a large amount of in house expertise including MSK, Neurology and Paediatrics. The practice runs vasectomy and minor ops clinics from some sites. GPSTs also have the opportunity to attend LMC meetings as well as the regular MDT, clinical training and practice meetings.

Jorvik / Gillygate Medical Practice, York

Jorvik/Gillygate is a very long-established practice in York. For many years one of the surgeries was on Peckitt Street a stone’s throw from the River Ouse. The practice regularly flooded and patients were to be seen wearing their wellingtons. This was the first practice in North Yorkshire to implement an appointment system and employ a practice nurse.

There are now two surgery sites providing primary care for 19,500 patients across the city (having merged with Gillygate Surgery in 2014). The practice demographic is mainly urban, with most patients residing within the York ring road. There is a purpose-built city centre surgery at Woolpack House on the Stone Bow, and a smaller surgery on Bishopthorpe Road near the old Terry’s Chocolate factory site.

There is a long commitment to GP training, having been involved in training since its inception. A loyal skilled team of reception and administrative staff is led by a dynamic practice manager.

Primary care is provided by a team of GPs, nurses/health care assistants, practice pharmacists.

Kirbymoorside Surgery

The Kirbymoorside Surgery is based in the town of Kirbymoorside on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors, forty minutes distance from York Hospital. The practice has approximately 6,100 patients spread over a wide rural area covering almost 200 square miles. The practice covers three beautiful dales to the north, extends to Helmsley in the west, Pickering in the east and Slingsby in the south.

The Primary Health Care team is the nucleus of the practice. The District Nurses and Health Visitors and Midwives are based within the practice and there are regular meetings with the MacMillan nurse on palliative care matters. There is a team of four Practice Nurses and two Health Care Assistants

Meetings occur once a fortnight with the clinical team and once a fortnight with the management team. The GP registrar becomes a member of the team and will have the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of practice life.

A wide range of additional services are provided within the practice. Every effort is made to investigate and work up patients within the practice to avoid patients having to travel elsewhere and GP training in the practice gives excellent experience in managing patients at a distance from secondary care services.

My Health, York

MyHealth provides care for 20,000 patients and covers a large area of approximately 200 square miles to the north and east of York. This is a mainly rural and semi-rural demographic, with approximately 10% of patients living within the York ring road.

There are four sites. The main surgery is in Strensall with a secondary site in the small town of Stamford Bridge to the east of York. There are smaller branches at Huntington and Dunnington. The Practice are part-dispensing to a total of 4,000 patients.

The doctors work closely with other primary care team members and there is on-site Physiotherapy at a number of the surgeries. The HCAs, take on phlebotomy work and there are also Minor Surgery and IUCD clinics.

The Practice has an urgent care clinic which runs from the Strensall and Stamford sites and is mainly staffed by 3 urgent care practitioners (UCPs). MyHealth also has its own Community Care Coordinator, who helps to care for some of the practices most vulnerable, house bound and nursing home patients.

Trainees are based at either Strensall or Stamford Bridge, but regularly have the opportunity to work at the other sites too.

Millfield Surgery, Easingwold

Millfield Surgery is a four partner practice, serving the small market town of Easingwold, 10 miles to the north of York and surrounding villages. There is a practice population of nearly 7500 and the practice occupies purpose-built premises on the edge of Easingwold.

The population is mainly rural and the practice dispenses to its more outlying patients.

The practice provides care to patients at St Monicas hospital, which is a small (12 beds) community hospital in Easingwold with mainly rehabilitation and some palliative patients.

The practice has been an enthusiastic newcomer to GP training, one of its trainers being an experienced trainer at another surgery before moving to Easingwold.

There is an experienced nursing team working at the practice.

The Old School Medical Practice, Copmanthorpe

The Old School Medical Practice serves 7400 patients to the south and southwest of York, with most of the practice area being just outside the York ring road. The main surgery is based in sensitively converted, old village school in Copmanthorpe with a second surgery in Bishopthorpe.

The practice dispenses medication to some of its patients who live further from a chemist.

The practice has recently become a training practice and is keen to provide a high quality experience for its new GPSTs. It has been involved in teaching HYMS students for many years and offers a full range of minor surgery and sexual health services

There is a team of nurses and an HCA who work as part of the clinical team.

Posterngate Surgery, Selby

Posterngate Surgery is located in the centre of Selby, 14 miles south of York. The practice area is approximately 7 miles around the town of Selby, covering approximately 15,000 patients. There is a mainly urban demographic, with some areas of deprivation covered by the practice area.

The branch surgery at Hemingborough, approximately 5 miles from Selby, is open part of the week and dispenses medication to the patients locally.

There are good working relationships with other practices in Selby (Beech Tree and Scott Road) and care of patients in the GP ward at Selby War Memorial Hospital is shared, as well as covering the Minor Injuries Unit.

The modern purpose built premises were completed in 1997 and extended in 2005 to accommodate training. This created room to accommodate attached community staff such as District Nurses, Health Visitors and Midwives as well as allowing comfortable facilities for Counsellors and Drug Counsellors.

Priory Medical Group

Priory Medical Group (PMG) is York’s largest practice serving over 52 000 patients from nine separate premises, largely in an urban setting within the York ring road.

There are a number of trainers within the practice and each trainer and GPST is based at one site. However a trainee at PMG has the additional benefit of other GPSTs within the practice for peer support and joint educational activities. As patients can attend any surgery within PMG, this allows the trainee the opportunity to experience the diverse patient population of York.

PMG is also involved in training ACPs and Physicians Associates in addition to HYMS students. PMG is a forward thinking, busy practice. The large number of experienced GPs, nurses and other clinicians plus the wide range of services the practice offers, ensures plenty of opportunity for the trainee to acquire new skills and a enjoy a broad experience during their placement.

Scott Road Medical Centre, Selby

Scott Road Medical Centre is situated in a purpose-built medical centre, close to the centre of Selby, approximately 14 miles south of York. There is a practice population of 10,700 and the practice area covers Selby, as well as outlying villages. The socially diverse practice population is a mix of urban and rural patients.

The clinical team consists of partners, salaried doctors, nurse practitioners and practice nurses who offer a full range of contraceptive services as well as minor surgery and joint injections. The team work very closely with the local Health Visitors, Midwives, District Nurses and Palliative Care Team. The practice is also actively involved in research through the SHIELD federation research cluster.

There is a strong educational ethos in the practice and they are involved in teaching third and fifth year medical students from the HYMS.

Springbank Surgery, Green Hammerton

Springbank Surgery is a fully dispensing practice which looks after the picturesque villages, between York and Knaresborough. The main site is based in Green Hammerton approximately 8 miles from York and there is a branch surgery in Tockwith.

The practice was rated as being outstanding by CQC. They have been early adopters of using social media, such as Instagram, to reach teenagers and were the first practice in Yorkshire to offer video appointments by Skype and FaceTime.

It is a smaller than average practice, with 6000 patients. However, there is still quite a large clinical team, with wide expertise. There are 5 GPs, 2 nurses, a paramedic and 2 health care assistants. Therefore, there is a good provision of appointments and patients have good access.

The practice is also involved in teaching FY2 doctors and second year medical students and have a strong educational ethos. They are also part of a research network and have good links with the Yorkshire and Humber Academic Science Network to put clinical research into practice.

Other GPs in the practice between them have interests in diabetes, allergy, ultrasound scanning, female health, mental health, eating disorders and more.

York Medical Group

York Medical Group is a long established, large, multi-sited Practice serving 43 500 patients across York.

The patients cover a wide geographic and social spread and attend 7 surgery sites around York. The main training surgery is at 32 Clifton just West of the city centre.

There is a YMG intranet which is used extensively, to supplement the weekly educational meetings. GP Specialist Trainees are encouraged to contribute to the development of the Practice by presenting their work on particular interest areas, as well as audit and significant events analysis.

The Practice is significantly involved in teaching at all levels, with HYMS years 2 and 4 as well as Foundation Year 2 Doctors. This generates a lively educational atmosphere. There are regular Practice social events to which all staff are invited.

Trainees are encouraged to become fully involved in the practice.