Half Day Release (HDR) & Whole Day Release (WDR)

GP Trainees – Education Programme

Scarborough VTS has a training programme which aims to support all GP Trainees. We blend core educational themes including mandatory training, consultation skills and clinical training with pastoral care. Scarborough Postgraduate Medical Education Centre is our teaching hub. Some sessions are at Stephen Joseph Theatre, some are on-line. All trainees have access to Blackboard which has learning modules to complement the VTS HDR programme, plus access to central GP School teaching including Red Whale for clinical updates.

At the start of your rotation you will be sent a 12 month programme with all the information about the weekly sessions. This programme is also sent to Practice Managers, Clinical and Educational Supervisors so they know which weeks that training is taking place, and the weeks you will be in clinical work. An updated programme is always available on the link at the bottom of this page.

Half Day Release is on a Wednesday until end July 2024. Teaching starts at 2.00pm. Arrive at the Postgraduate Medical Education Centre promptly. If you are unavoidably delayed please ring the Postgraduate Centre to say that you will be late. Please log on in good time for virtual sessions, and ensure privacy and confidentiality even if working from home. For virtual sessions please use the camera and participate actively. Until end July 2024 every second Wednesday of the month is Whole Day Release (WDR) for all trainees, both hospital-based and those in practice. Rota managers are aware and should facilitate your attendance.

Starting from August 2024 all trainees will be invited to all teaching sessions, and these will be on a Tuesday afternoon (2-5pm).

Peer groups run across all year groups and encourage peer support and development through joint exploration of topics.

Please Note: The WDR and HDR sessions are part of your timetabled and paid NHS work. They are compulsory. If you are unable to make a session please always inform the TPDs. If you do not attend you will be asked why you were absent as you will be expected to meet a minimum of 80% attendance for the year for the ARCP. Absences must be logged on your portfolio (unless annual leave).

Please note the last F2F educational session for the 2023-2024 VTS year is on Wednesday 24th July PM for ST2s and ST3s in GP Placements and will be a social/team building and support session at North Bay Scarborough, meet at 2PM.

There will be no F2F or on-line HDR session on Weds 31st July or Tuesday 6th August > please do educational work, study for exams or portfolio work as discussed with your CS or ES – or work in practice.


Please note all educational sessions will be on a TUESDAY PM for all GP Trainees, unless otherwise stated.

Please find below the most recent HDR programme – valid to end July 2025 – and a copy of facilitator feedback form.

The HDR programme will be updated as more details are obtained.

To provide feedback please click on the following link: https://forms.office.com/r/j5qniSPG6i