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Internal Scheme Courses

Mock Consultation Skills assessment

Once every 6 months we run a mock Consultation Skills assessment. The event is held on an evening and will consist of 8 consultations, with simulated patients and trainer examiners. This is a great opportunity to receive formative feedback on your consultation skills from the actors and the examiners. As places are limited we invite the candidates. If you are due to attend the next mock CSA, the administrator will contact you with the details. The next date is: 30 November 2022 evening

Stephen Joseph Theatre outreach team

We have started a series of workshops with the outreach team of SJT. This collaboration is aimed at community orientation as well as improving communication skills. In the workshops we are exploring body language, cultural competence, space and distance, power dynamics and interpersonal relations via theatrical techniques.

Planetary Health

We have 6 monthly planetary health updates in our whole day release program. Our scheme strives to promote awareness of the impact of global warming on health and health inequalities. We are pleased to offer an innovative training post in planetary health based at Sleights and Sands end Practice.


We have have delivered successful MSK courses.